Rather Be Playing 4: Big Box of Fun


We all played the same game! We deconstruct Firewatch with a deep spoilery discussion. Since it’s a relatively recent game, we moved it to the last part of the episode to make spoilers easily avoidable. Not to spoiler the spoiler warning, but we all liked it! So much so that we would like to have more episodes in the future where we play and discuss the same game. But Firewatch isn’t the only thing that happened this week!

The Steam Summer Sale is officially assaulting our poor wallets. Will our backlogs expand further before the sun sets on the sale? Or will we stay strong in the face of this great temptation? We’re probably going to spend too much and play too little, aren’t we? But the whole point of this podcast is to take care of that second part, right? So maybe we’ll be okay in the long run!¬†Speaking of backlogs, it’s time for another roulette. Find out what games we’ll be playing and gushing/complaining about for the next couple weeks! This week we also finally finish our discussions on Doom and Chrono Trigger. ¬†Elliot learns how to pronounce Magus, Josh goes to Pony Island, and Stevo presents his big box of fun, which is probably the only thing I won’t spoil in this description.

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