Rather Be Playing 5: What We Would Rather Be Playing


We’re coming at you from the past this week (not unlike Final Fantasy XII’s recent remaster release)! This episode was recorded and banked a month ago to cover us while we went on our various excursions around the world last week. So we tweaked the format a little to keep us from sounding like idiots in this post-E3 episode that was recorded pre-E3.

This week we talk about the games we’d rather be playing if we didn’t have these backlogs!  So we finally get to cover something a little more recent. Final Fantasy XII and Persona 5 are the general favorites, but there’s a lot more love to go around for the recent releases. We also dig a little deeper into what makes us like or dislike a game, what difficulty we prefer to play on, and why some games didn’t sit well with us even if they were critically acclaimed.  Get to know us better and more intimately in this warm fireside chat about games and yourses trulies.  Shoot us an email or add a comment to join the discussion.  Also this week, Elliot just wants to finish his games, Josh hates artificial difficulty, and Stevo is his own grandfather.

Topics Discussed:

  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
  • Persona 5
  • Destiny
  • Vagrant Story



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