Nintendo Life: Here’s What Star Fox 2 Looks Like On The SNES Classic Edition


The SNES Classic Edition comes out next month, but we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the system early, and as you might imagine we’ve been tirelessly putting it through its paces to see what all the fuss is about.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the system is that it includes Star Fox 2, which is being officially released for the first time ever. Prototype ROMs of the game exist online, but they’re not the finished article – and our video man Alex has decided to find exactly what makes this “final” version so special.



Josh Headshot Star Fox! Looks pretty good – well at least considering it’s an SNES game. Star Fox was such a fun game as a kid, and this one looks like it could be just as interesting. It appears there’s an overarching “base defense” element to the game where you are protecting Corneria, which could be neat, but the preview is pretty short so what else is in the game remains to be seen. Being able to choose your pilot/Arwing also looks awesome!
Elliot Headshot How exciting is it to have a brand new(-ish) first-party Super Nintendo game release this year?  The retro love has been so strong for the last 10 years or so and it’s great to see it pushed so far that we’re getting official releases of 20-year-old abandonware.

The game itself looks wonderful.  It melts the synapses to think that this could have run on a Super Nintendo; they really pushed that SuperFX tech after the first game.  I never played the leaked rom, and actually had never even seen screens or clips of it, so this is hitting me on all kinds of levels.

Do I win the record for longest self-imposed media blackout?  Surely I must, surely.

Stevo Headshot The SNES Classic is my chance to get caught up on all the games I missed out on by not having the SNES when I was a kid, including the original Star Fox which I know so many people hold in high regard. The fact that I also get to be part of the conversation when Star Fox 2 gets a worldwide release is the cherry on top! The game itself looks intriguing and the graphics unlike anything I’ve ever played. Looking forward to seeing whether Nintendo has been hiding a real gem from us for all these years!


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