Rather Be Playing 9: The PAX Album


We went to PAX West in Seattle and crushed it! What a surreal time! Still buzzing from the excitement after our last day of activities, we went immediately home, opened many beers, and recorded a fresh podcast. This was Rather Be Playing’s very first episode recorded with all three hosts in the same room and on the same mic! It was super weird. Let’s never do that again. As for PAX itself, it was a massive convention across a campus of several hotels, theaters, and expo rooms. So we had a lot to cover between the events, panels, and of course piles and piles of games.

We had passes for Saturday and Sunday and made the absolute most of it, sharing the most interesting bits on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so check those out if you haven’t yet. There was so much new information to take in and process in such a condensed window of time, but we do our best to distill the biggest takeaways and impressions in this episode.┬áThe first thing we did was the Inside Gearbox panel, and from there moved straight into the Streaming 101 panel. We had a few thoughts on those, mostly Josh of course. And after that we made our first foray onto the show floor and did everything we could to take in everything we saw. We then split off to check out the Indie Megabooth before sitting in on a Vice Waypoint panel at the end of Day 1.

Day 2 started off with grand plans of hitting several more panels, but the only one we did was the Witcher 10 Year Anniversary show, and it was spectacular. From then on, it was games, games, games. We spent most of the rest of Day 2 seeing what new indies were cropping up in the near future and, of course, collecting swag and pics of some truly incredible cosplay.

Other than that, Josh played the FFXV multiplayer mode… by himself, Elliot beat Stevo and another guy 2-on-1 in Rocket League for Switch, and Stevo got very sad about Super Meat Boy Forever.

Topics Discussed:

  • PAX West 2017
  • Rocket League (Nintendo Switch)
  • Divinity: Original Sin II
  • Super Meat Boy Forever
  • Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer
  • The Witcher Series
  • PAX Indie Megabooth
  • Gearbox vs CD Projekt Red
  • Diversity in the Industry
  • Conventions Today vs Ten Years Ago
  • Cosplay



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