Nier Automata Passes 2M Units Shipped/Downloaded


“PlayStation®4/Steam向けアクションRPG『NieR: Automata』の世界累計出荷・ダウンロード販売本数が200万本を突破いたしました。本当に、本当にありがとうございました。 #NieR #ニーア”

Editor’s Note: For a game of this scope, coming off the heels of the original game which did not sell nearly as well and didn’t become a success outside of being called a “cult classic,” this is rather impressive.  Nier Automata was developed by Platinum Games and published by Square-Enix.



Josh Headshot One of my favorite games this year and definitely well-deserved. I played the original Nier a few years after it released on the recommendation of some friends, and was blown away by the music, voice acting, and story (the gameplay itself is passable, but nothing great). Platinum came in an took the sequel to its natural conclusion – improving the gameplay exponentially while still maintaining the same level of mindfuckery that the original had. Can’t wait to see if there’s anything else in store for the future!
Elliot Headshot Loved the first game and have been champing at the bit to play this one on PC. But where’s the support, Square/Platinum? Not a single patch to address the performance issues on PC? Come on. Until that gets sorted, this game will carry a bittersweet place in my heart. I’m so happy it exists and that it’s sold so well, but a lot of people paid good money to play this on PC and they deserve a little attention.
Stevo Headshot I’ve got my copy of Nier: Automata sitting beside my PS4 still in its shrink wrap plastic. I had heard many gushing reviews since its release but my backlog is so stacked that I didn’t think I would get to it for another few months. However, since it turns out Josh cheated with his selection for me in last episode’s Backlog Roulette, I might just have found some time to squeeze this in! Watch this space…


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