Rather Be Playing 33: Do all the Crimes

Rather Be Playing Episode 33 Do all the Crimes - Spider-Man, Dragon Quest XI, Beyond: Two Souls, Fallout, Diablo 2, Backlog Roulette

Hey hey! Remember us? We’re either back or still here, depending on your proclivities. But here we are with a fresh new episode full of all the mostly latest games. We realize that a certain biggest game of the year recently released, but we’ll get to that later. For now we’re on the previous biggest…

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Eurogamer: The Fallout 3 We Never Got to Play

Eurogamer has posted an article in which they interviewed Chris Avellone, the highly-regarded writer for a plethora of (primarily) PC RPGs, and Josh Sawyer, who is a prominent game designer on many similar games, such as Icewind Dale and Fallout: New Vegas. They discuss Van Buren, the codename for what was, at the time, going…

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