Rather Be Playing 31: Stevo = Luigi

Rather Be Playing Episode 31 Stevo = Luigi - Dragonball Fighter Z, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Final Fantasy Tactics, Metroid Prime, DOOM Eternal, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Okami HD, Dead Cells, Fighting Games

Stevo is dead……… sick this week. So that leaves Elliot and Josh to carry the mantle! The show must go on, after all. So of course we took the opportunity to tell Stevo what to play.  Josh and Elliot have played some great games that Stevo is still depriving himself of and the rest of…

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Rather Be Playing 2: A Little Bit of Schadenfreude

Look at that, we made it to our second episode! They say if you can do that as a podcast, you’ll make it big. Right? Yeah, that sounds right to me. Time to celebrate with more backlog blasting! It’s been a productive two weeks hacking away at our backlogs… Or has it? This episode, Stevo’s…

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