PAX 2017: Rocket League for Nintendo Switch

Rocket League Switch Impressions

As we strolled through the raucous fourth floor Expo Hall of the Washington State Convention Center, one booth stood apart from the rest. The fourth floor is where you went to find many of the big names in the business: Capcom, Square Enix, Playstation, Xbox, and, of course, Nintendo. The Nintendo booth was marked by…

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Rather Be Playing 9: The PAX Album

We went to PAX West in Seattle and crushed it! What a surreal time! Still buzzing from the excitement after our last day of activities, we went immediately home, opened many beers, and recorded a fresh podcast. This was Rather Be Playing’s very first episode recorded with all three hosts in the same room and…

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Rather Be Playing 8: Swear Jar

We are getting ready for PAX! Next week Rather Be Playing will be recording from beautiful Seattle, Washington, as we attend our first convention as a world-famous podcast. So this week we need to get official RBP t-shirts, funded by our wonderful swear jar, and maybe pack some clothes. In the meantime, we have been…

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