Rather Be Playing 12: Flick Your Ball On

Rather Be Playing Episode 12 Flick Your Ball On - Golf Story, SNES Classic, Halloween, Lexicon Panel

We all got our Super NES Classics and we can’t stop playing them. Hopefully everyone who wanted one got one too because it’s a really great piece of kit. We’re all bouncing around trying many games, and entirely unable to stay focused on any one. But despite all of our backlogs suddenly taking on a…

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Secret of Mana Remake Announced

A remake of the classic SNES action RPG Secret of Mana is on its way to Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Steam, in full, colorful 3D! An early teaser trailer has been released, giving us a glimpse at the new features, including all-new 3D graphics, voice acting, and an updated soundtrack.  The new look shown in the…

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