The Hosts

We’re three guys with entirely too many games to play and entirely too little time to play them. Whether it’s a Steam sale, a nifty Humble Bundle, or just shameless, unadulterated impulse buying, our vice is persistent. But it’s also what unites us. Not to mention it’s the impetus for Rather Be Playing! Can two rights justify a wrong? Is the pope a pope? Thought so!

We’re no strangers to the game industry either, in case you’re asking why the hell should I listen to you guys not play games when I could be listening to myself not play games more? Awesome question, and well-articulated. Josh and Elliot go back to RPGamer.com where they worked as staff writers breaking all the fun RPG news, reporting from the E3 show floor, and holding developers’ feet to the fire with hard-hitting interviews. Fun fact: that’s how they met. RPGamer, I mean. Not torture. And Stevo, much like Josh and Elliot, is a human. We’ve got so much in common, it’s a wonder we didn’t think of this sooner.

But what really gets us excited to talk about not playing games is that we all have such varied gaming experiences. So get we dive down into each of our backlogs and find a shining gem, a beacon of hope in the murky waters of regrettable purchases, to play–a lost treasure that we’ve overlooked (or underestimated) for all these years. Or a dumpster of hot garbage that we should never have purchased in the first place, and painfully hate-play to the amusement of our co-hosts. But we do this so you don’t have to.  You’re welcome.

Thank You!

Not all games can stand the test of time, but many are worth revisiting. Either way, we hope we can put some fresh eyes and fresh perspectives on some of these older games and maybe even entertain you while we’re at it. And if you ever find yourself exhaling through your nostrils at a slightly higher PSI than your previous exhalation and the one that comes after it, then please subscribe, tell your friends, spread the word, rate us, like us, swipe right, etc. It’s the only way we grow and it’s the best way to send us love.

Thanks for listening!