Rather Be Playing 14: Chase That High

Rather Be Playing Episode 14 Chase That High - Super Mario Odyssey, Art vs Technology, Sega Genesis, Overclocking GPUs, Advanced Death Saves, Same Team Y'all, Nintendo Switch ports, Golf Story, Destiny 2

It’s Fall and that means the days are shorter and the video games don’t stop coming out. We’re drowning in them this week, but only one has managed to capture all our hearts. We’ve all finished Super Mario Odyssey instead of playing our backlog games! In fact we’re still playing it instead of our backlog games. Do we even remember what our backlog games are? I don’t know! But can you blame us? Mario is pure magic and we delve into why we think so, spoiler-free!

We also go into a deeper discussion about art versus technology in game development. Do the big triple-A publishers need to push bleeding edge graphics at the expense of timeless gameplay and charm? Why does the far-less technically impressive Breath of the Wild stand the test of time better than Call of Duty? Is there a case to be made for toning down the tech, focusing on art and gameplay, and making something that will last?

In between bouts of Mario, Josh and Stevo are playing Golf Story and whatever else they have on the Switch. Elliot is obsessed with overclocking his GPU and cranking out every last ounce of juice for Destiny. But with holiday travels coming up, it’s pretty much going to be all Switch, all the time for everyone. And with Rather Be Playing’s Official Game™, Rocket League, due out for our favorite hybrid console this week, we might not ever need to sit in front of a TV again! Except for maybe Elliot now that he’s got a brand new (old?) Sega Genesis to break into! More on that in the cast!

Lastly, we give out a big congrats to our good friend Mike from Pod Nerdy 2 Me on the successful funding of the Advanced Death Saves Kickstarter! We’re all looking forward to getting our copies and checking out your work.

We’ll catch you guys again after Thanksgiving, so enjoy the holidays, enjoy the turkey, and enjoy the boat load of games and game sales crashing down all around us.

Topics Discussed:

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Art vs Technology
  • Sega Genesis
  • Overclocking GPUs
  • Advanced Death Saves
  • Same Team Y’all
  • Nintendo Switch ports
  • Golf Story
  • Destiny 2



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