Rather Be Playing 2: A Little Bit of Schadenfreude


Look at that, we made it to our second episode! They say if you can do that as a podcast, you’ll make it big. Right? Yeah, that sounds right to me. Time to celebrate with more backlog blasting! It’s been a productive two weeks hacking away at our backlogs… Or has it? This episode, Stevo’s finished Super Metroid and is wrapping up A Link to the Past, Josh played Titan Quest (and many others, but is only talking about Titan Quest this week because while he has no restraint, we do), and Elliot is playing Metroid Prime. So yeah, I’d call that a productive week. Go us!

Also this week is the very first occurrence of a segment we’re calling Backlog Roulette. In it, the three of us each choose a game that we would rather be playing. And we also choose a game for each of the other hosts to play. It can be any game so long as it’s in the host’s backlog. That’s where it gets fun. Elliot hates horror games, so someone could choose a horror game for him and make him sweat a little during the dice roll. Oh yes, the dice. Well, it’s more of a RNG program that we roll on Slack. Whatever the RNG chooses from the three games, we play. Even if we don’t want to. Even if we’re terrified. Join us and take pleasure in our pain you sickos.

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