Rather Be Playing 13: You’re Going to Die Here with Mike from PN2M

Rather Be Playing Episode 13 You're Going to Die Here - Super Mario Odyssey, NeoGAF, ResetEra, Advanced Death Saves, Pod Nerdy 2 Me, Hellblade, Amnesia

Happy Halloween! It’s that time of year again when we all hunker down, dim the lights, and play the crap out of the scariest games in our backlogs, right? Or is everyone playing Super Mario Odyssey? To help us out this week, Mike from the Pod Nerdy 2 Me podcast joins the cast! He’s here…

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Rather Be Playing 12: Flick Your Ball On

Rather Be Playing Episode 12 Flick Your Ball On - Golf Story, SNES Classic, Halloween, Lexicon Panel

We all got our Super NES Classics and we can’t stop playing them. Hopefully everyone who wanted one got one too because it’s a really great piece of kit. We’re all bouncing around trying many games, and entirely unable to stay focused on any one. But despite all of our backlogs suddenly taking on a…

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Rather Be Playing 11: Toilet Games with Eric Variz

Rather Be Playing Episode Episode 11: Toilet Games with Eric Variz

Rather Be Playing welcomes its very first guest to the podcast! Eric Variz joins us from the Same Team Y’all podcast to talk with us about what he would rather be playing (spoiler: it’s Destiny 2). We also go into graphic detail about gaming during parenthood and finding time for our favorite hobby when there…

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Eurogamer: The Fallout 3 We Never Got to Play

Eurogamer has posted an article in which they interviewed Chris Avellone, the highly-regarded writer for a plethora of (primarily) PC RPGs, and Josh Sawyer, who is a prominent game designer on many similar games, such as Icewind Dale and Fallout: New Vegas. They discuss Van Buren, the codename for what was, at the time, going…

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Nier Automata Passes 2M Units Shipped/Downloaded

Nier Automata has surpassed sales of 2 million units shipped and downloaded across both PS4 and Steam versions. For a game of this scope, coming off the heels of the original game which did not sell nearly as well and didn’t become a success outside of being called a “cult classic,” this is rather impressive.

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PAX 2017: Rocket League for Nintendo Switch

Rocket League Switch Impressions

As we strolled through the raucous fourth floor Expo Hall of the Washington State Convention Center, one booth stood apart from the rest. The fourth floor is where you went to find many of the big names in the business: Capcom, Square Enix, Playstation, Xbox, and, of course, Nintendo. The Nintendo booth was marked by…

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Rather Be Playing 10: Rabid Mario

Welcome to our milestone 10th episode! What an exciting time! And how did we kick off the celebration? By reading a book! Wait, what? That’s right, Jason Schreier’s Blood, Sweat, and Pixels hit bookshelves recently, and we have a lot of (good) things to say about it. We also had a million backlog games to play…

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Rather Be Playing 9: The PAX Album

We went to PAX West in Seattle and crushed it! What a surreal time! Still buzzing from the excitement after our last day of activities, we went immediately home, opened many beers, and recorded a fresh podcast. This was Rather Be Playing’s very first episode recorded with all three hosts in the same room and…

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The Super NES Classic Blame Game

The Super NES Classic, Nintendo’s latest nostalgia-powered mini console, became available for preorder across half a dozen retailers last week after months of anticipation. Nearly every supplier sold out within seconds of listing the console on their website, despite some of them going up in the dark hours of the morning without preemptive notice. What…

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Secret of Mana Remake Announced

A remake of the classic SNES action RPG Secret of Mana is on its way to Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Steam, in full, colorful 3D! An early teaser trailer has been released, giving us a glimpse at the new features, including all-new 3D graphics, voice acting, and an updated soundtrack.  The new look shown in the…

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